Man Hand writing Mediation with marker on transparent wipe boardMediation is one of the most powerful tools available for settling a legal dispute. It brings parties together to focus on the issue at hand and explore all potential resolutions, all the while understanding how keeping the matter out of court is beneficial to everyone involved.

Mediation is based in communication. A neutral, third-party works with those involved in the dispute to explore their thoughts and feelings on the issue, as well as possible solutions. Compromise and negotiation are important, and required to end the dispute. Unlike the courtroom where all parties can walk away unhappy with the outcome, successful mediation requires everyone be satisfied with the resolution or the process is incomplete. Mediation is flexible and nobody is bound to the outcome unless he or she chooses so.

Legal disputes arise all the time in California and if you find yourself involved in one, Walter Cook can help. He is an experienced mediator who understands the importance of resolving issues outside of the courtroom. He is committed to helping clients find not just a way to end their dispute, but the best possible solution that satisfies everyone involved. For more information or to schedule a consultation with Walter, contact him at 415.902.8440 or by email at