I associated with Walter Cook on a major trust lawsuit. His experience and insight were hugely useful in setting our strategy. He is a highly useful and successful associate attorney.


People often say, and I agree, that Walter is the best trust and probate litigation attorney in Northern California. His courtroom and deposition skills are unmatched. I say this as a person who was twice myself designated as a Superlawyer in trust litigation.


‘I called Walt because I was in a panic. My father had passed and I thought I was written out of the trust completely. I hired Walt to look at the complex trust documents I received from the executor and was informed that my panic was not justified, that I had actually been included in a fairly hefty portion of the family trust. I am very appreciative of his knowledge, his attention to the law and for his advice. Now, I anticipate that Walt will help me navigate through the distribution process. Walt has no relation to my family.’


I was referred to Walter Cook through a good friend of mine who is a very successful attorney who does not specialize in wills and trust litigation like Walter. At the time, I was in desperate need of firing my first attorney who exercised poor judgment, was arrogant, and in my opinion incompetent. My case was a total disaster, and to make matters worse, I was being charged exorbitant legal fees.

When I called Walter, he answered my call immediately and agreed to meet with me the very next day. I had interviewed many other attorneys before I met Walter. In my opinion, the majority of these attorneys were only interested in my case because they needed the billable hours. Walter was different. Walter stood out as the most qualified, most competent, most efficient and most trustworthy attorney that I had met to date.

Walter successfully extracted me from the worst storm of my life. I don’t think any other attorney would have been able to accomplish what he did. Walter did it with great expertise, exquisite finesse, tremendous compassion, and for reasonable charges. Walter is deeply committed to his client’s success. I will always be very grateful for his extraordinary guidance.

Walter is honest. He has great connections. He knows the law and, most importantly, Walter truly cares about the client’s best interest. Walter is the only attorney that I can recommend without hesitation and with 100% confidence.